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March 15


Essential Trap Shooting Outfit: What to Wear for Trap Shooting Activity

If you want to learn all about the essential trap shooting outfits for every occasion, you will find it all here in this article.

You will learn what clothing items and accessories will work best with trap shooting depending on different weather scenarios, as well as some suggestions you may never have heard of.

Keep on reading to learn all about the essential trap shooting outfits that you need when you go shooting!

What to Wear for Trap Shooting Activity

Warm Weather

#1 Hat

Warm weather usually means plenty of sunshine, so you will need a good hat to keep the sun out of your eyes, off your face, and maybe even off your neck. A wide-brimmed hat generally works best, but even a simple ball cap will do great to help combat the sun rays.

#2 Vest

A good vest will serve many purposes. First, many trap shooting vests have recoil pads built into the shoulders and can help mitigate recoil. They can also have extra pockets to help you carry spare ammunition, shooting gear, or anything else that you may want to keep close at hand.

#3 Shirt

In warm weather, your shirt selection is very important. Try to choose something that is very breathable and will allow you to stay cool. A long sleeve shirt can also help to protect your arms from getting sunburnt, just make sure it is a cool and breezy material.

#4 Pants

The same precaution when choosing shirts should be applied to pants. In warm weather, you will want to select pants that are made of durable yet breathable material in order to stay as cool as possible. Your pants will also be used to help hold things in your pockets.

Cold Weather

#1 Jacket

Cold weather means you will have to wear more clothing in order to stay warm. The first article of clothing to add to your cold-weather outfit is a nice jacket. Be sure to choose something that will not only help to keep you warm but still provide you with enough mobility and range of motion to effectively shoot.

#2 Coat

In addition to a warm jacket, a coat to wear over it will help to insulate you further and help protect you from weather such as snow, wind, or rain. Just as with the jacket, make sure to find one that still allows you plenty of mobility and range of motion.

#3 Gloves

A good pair of gloves will keep your hands warm and allow them to function properly when shooting. Some shooters love fingerless glove options as they allow you to better grip and pull the trigger, but as long as you can properly move your fingers you should be alright.

#4 Merino Socks

If your feet get cold, your entire body will get cold. A solid pair of merino socks will help to wick away moisture and keep your feet warm regardless of what boots or shoes you are wearing. Merino wool has special properties that help regulate your body temperature.

Rainy Weather

#1 Waterproof Jacket

When the weather starts to rain, you may be using some of your cold-weather gear already. In addition to all of that, you will need a reliable waterproof jacket to prevent you from getting soaked. Ensure that it is large enough to wear over the top of a regular jacket or topcoat.

I hope this list of the essential apparel items for trap shooting was helpful. Besides the outfit, you might also want to check out the most essential trap shooting gear and equipment you will need to have to make yourself fully ready for this fun activity.

As a newbie trap shooter, I’d also highly suggest you to get to know all the trap shooting basics before you get to one of your local trap shooting ranges.

And finally, to feel even more confident on the field, I’d highly recommend to take a number of private lessons with a professional trap shooting teacher.

An experienced instructor will be able to teach you some of the most essential aspects of trap shooting in just a few sessions, which might save you years of trial and error trying to figure it out on your own.


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