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March 10


Essential Trap Shooting Gear & Equipment

In this article, you will learn all about the essential gear that you will need when going trap shooting.

From firearm equipment to clothing items, we will cover everything you would need to make a trip to your local trap shooting range more enjoyable.

Keep on reading to find out what essential trap shooting gear you will need!

Essential Trap Shooting Gear and Equipment

#1 Shotgun

The most important piece of gear to start shooting trap is to have a shotgun. Many shotguns are specifically made for trap shooting, but any shotgun can be used if you are just starting out. Over/under, semi-auto, and pump-action shotguns are among some of the most common trap shotguns.

#2 Ammo

Along with the shotgun, you are going to need ammo in order to shoot it. Most trap shooting is done with shotshells shooting birdshot or specially made trap shooting pellets that excel at destroying clay targets in the air.

#3 Eye Protection

Whenever you shoot a firearm, you should always wear some eye protection. Trap shooting glasses can come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. Choose some that best suit trap shooting activity and are the most comfortable to wear over long periods of time.

#4 Ear Protection

Along with eye protection, you will also need ear protection. This can be earplugs that are pressed into the ears or earmuffs that resemble headphones and cover your entire ear. Make sure you properly fit your ear protection to ensure that works as intended.

#5 Vest

A trap shooting vest is an essential trap shooting outfit that provides some protection for your shoulder from the shotgun recoil and provide plenty of extra pockets and space to carry spare ammo, earplugs, eye protection, or other shooting gear that you may need while out on the range.

#6 Shell Pouch

An often overlooked piece of gear is a shell pouch. These come in many shapes and sizes but are designed to hold shotgun shells. They can be used to hold extra ammunition, spent shotshells, or both depending on the design.

#7 Shell Catcher

If you intend on using a semi-automatic shotgun, you will most likely need a shell catcher to install on it. A shell catcher is used to capture empty shells from your semi-auto shotgun and prevent the flying shells from distracting you or others around you.

#8 Choke

Shotgun chokes are installed at the end of a barrel to help change the impact and flight of the pellets that you shoot. You will want to use different chokes for different applications, so it is smart to bring along a few different varieties that you may need.

#9 Range Bag

A good range bag is simply a bag that is large enough to carry around all of your additional shooting gear. It can be used to safely store everything as well in order to avoid losing or damaging any of your expensive shooting equipment.

#10 Gun Case

Shotguns need some protection when they are not in use, so a good gun case is essential in trap shooting. There are both soft cases and hard cases, both of which will help to protect your shotgun from dirt, dust, and impact from accidental falls.

#11 Hat

Trap shooting takes place outdoors, and it can often be hot and sunny. A hat can help to keep the sun out of your eyes and off of your head. A wide-brimmed hat can even help to keep the sun off of your neck and keep you focused on the shooting.

#12 Belt

A comfortable belt will allow you to keep your pants and other gear where they belong. You will also need a quality belt in order to connect equipment like a shell pouch. Make sure that you select a sturdy belt that can handle some weight attached to it.

#13 Gloves

In colder weather, gloves are essential to keeping your hands warm and functioning properly. Choose a pair that allows your fingers to move freely and give you a good grip of your weapon so that you can use it safely and effectively.

This was my list with the most essential gear you’ll need to have to make your trap shooting more efficient and enjoyable.

As a new trap shooter, I’d also highly recommend to familiarize yourself with all the trap shooting rules and regulations before you get to one of your local trap shooting ranges.

In addition, to feel even more confident, I’d strongly recommend to take a few private lessons with an experienced trap shooting instructor.

A professional coach will be able to teach you some of the most essential aspects of trap shooting in just a few sessions, which might save you years of trial and error trying to figure it out on your own.


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